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Incentive&Business Travel

Incentive&Business Travel

Incentive Travel

Our strength lies in putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes and asking ourselves what is really relevant to them. We are experts in listening and interpreting needs, and we know how to be innovative and creative while responding to the needs of travelers, their tastes and requests. The real luxury today is time: time to listen, to experiment and to get excited. Our trips are experience-based journeys in which we can listen to our heart, experiment with our five senses and get excited when the journey becomes experience.

Business Travel

We understand that the relationship between organizations and their traveling employees is changing. Your employees need business travel agents who can help them stay productive, get the best prices, and make travel easier for them. Your organization needs a corporate travel agency that helps you manage your travel program effectively. Our organization focuses on the business of business travel - so you and your employees can focus on your company’s business. An automatic booking tool completes the offer of Elephase travel agency. This platform allows you to independently book your business trips, respecting the corporate travel policies and monitoring benefits and travel costs at any given time.