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A truly special team building, a very united group that has been able to enhance every single experience proposed and a refined location have given life to a unique day.

Starting from the customer's request to create an eco-sustainable team building, we have proposed a location that is attentive to this aspect, a WWF oasis that lives mainly through the products of their territory obviously at KM0.

Each activity has been designed to allow participants to immerse themselves in nature and in the daily life of this special place.

But not only attention to the environment, also attention to volunteer projects, which in this case made it possible to concretely support a unique reality such as that of SOS VILLAGGIO CHILDREN.

  • 110 Participants
  • 165 Kg of figs and apples harvested
  • 167 Jars of sourdough products
  • 129 Baskets of products donated to SOS Children's Village Saronno

1377.9 KG OF CO2 SAVED

1377.9 KG OF CO2 SAVED